You arrive at the library. You get to the front door and see their operating hours. They are closed all day on Wednesday. Today is Wednesday.\n\nCrap.\nNevermind.\n\nAN END
You sit down and close your eyes. You stay still and silent for a long time.\n\nYour mind wanders to events of the day before and recent conversations. It takes effort but you push them out of your mind.\n\nYour nose itches.\n\n[[Scratch nose|Scratch nose]]\n[[I have no nose|No nose]]
Yeah, you think. The Mayan calendar says the world is gonna end in a few months anyway. You can just wait it out a bit longer.\n\nAN END
You reach up with your claw and give your nose a scratch. You lose interest in meditation and stand up. You check your dinosaur watch and remember you have work soon. You get ready and go to work, completely forgetting that you were going to burn things today.\n\nAN END
There is no nose. There is no you. There is only the universe - a singular thing, whose parts and facets are indistinguishable.\n\nBut then a voice speaks. Something outside the universe? It can only be Dinosaur God.\n\nIt says:\n“Take your son, your only son whom you love, Isaac, and go to the land of Moriah. Offer him up as an entirely burned offering there on one of the mountains that I will show you.”\n\nYou don't have a son, but the idea of someone asking you to burn someone as an offering to them is...\n\n[[disturbing.|Scratch nose]]\n[[terrible.|Scratch nose]]\n[[the sickest thing you have ever heard of.|Scratch nose]]\n[[just another distraction. You keep meditating.|Keep Meditating]]
It's a big world. One dinosaur and his gasoline can only do so much. You start to think about how you are going to go about this.\n\n[[Let's start with the local library|Burn the Library]]\n[[How is a dinosaur going to get gasoline?|Gas]]\n[[If you pray and reflect, an answer will come|Ask God what to burn]]\n[[I'm a dinosaur?|T-Rex]]
Oh hell, you're right. Even if the infrastructure to extract oil from the earth, refine it, and transport it here was already built, which it won't be for millions of years, how is a stegosaurus like you going to pump it, pour it, and strike a match?\n\nYou sigh and eat another fern. They taste awful.\n\nAN END
You inhale. Trees creak. Every insect, tiny lizard, and mammal around becomes silent, sensing something is happening.\n\nThere is a flash of light on the horizon. You hold your breath for a moment.\n\nYou roar your loudest roar, the earth shakes, every animal for miles takes off running. You hold your roar for what seems like minutes. This is a roar for the gods, after all.\n\nOut of breath at last, you let your head down and open your eyes.\n\nFire is all you see.\n\nAN END
You stop and reflect upon the glorious body bestowed upon you by your dinosaur gods. You consider your 13-inch long serrated teeth. You admire the marvels that are your massive legs which propel all 6.8 metric tons of you in pursuit of your prey. You hunt animals larger than trucks and crush their bones in your four-foot-long jaws. Your rivals gaze with envy at your beautiful plumage. You are forty feet long from nose to tail and your roar sends animals running for miles around. You are the Tyrant Lizard King. There has never been and may never again be a creature so perfectly designed to impose its will upon the world as you. That will is blood and terror and violence and death and, today, it is fire.\n\nYour arms are three feet long, but your cock is twelve. Not that you've measured.\n\n[[What a piece of work is tyrannosaur!|Piece of Work]]\n[[On with the burning!|Begin the Prayer]]
You want to burn the whole world.\n\n[[Where to start|Where to Start]]\n[[Maybe I should rethink this|Nevermind]]
It was unnatural to slay your own mate, your own chicks. But surely it was necessary. Surely, the gods see that those chicks would grow to become rivals someday. There was no choice. And of course she would try to protect them. She had to go, too. There was no choice. \n\nTo have power over others. To kill when you wish. To seek greater power and to squash any threat to it. That is what it is to be Tyrannosaurus.\n\nIf anyone understands power, surely it is the Gods.\n\n[[Roar to the Heavens|Pray for Fire]]
Yeah. A wonderful place to start. Destroying socialist shit like that is a great way to kick things off! Who likes libraries anyway? They are crowded and full of disgusting, smelly, homeless dinosaurs - like a subway car only full of books you would never want on subjects you don't care about and if you did want a book you'd get it on your dinosaur Kindle anyway.\n\nYou drive in your dinosaur car to the dinosaur gas station with your dinosaur gas can and fill it with dinosaur gas.\n\n[[To the library|To the Library]]
What a piece of work you are! How noble in\nyour rage, how infinite in ferocity, in form and moving\nhow swift and terrifying, In action how like an Angel!\nin apprehension how like a god, the beauty of the\nworld, the paragon of animals.\n\n[[and yet...|and yet]]
Mike Meyer
After going on for a bit about how He is the most important of all things in the universe, the voice fades. It suddenly occurs to you that if you are one with everything, that would include being one with snot and blood and bile and worms and piss and shit and liberals. \n\nYou aren't one with much of anything and God seemed like a jerk and your nose itches.\n\n[[Scratch nose|Scratch nose]]
Even your magnificence is not forever. As you grow old, there may one day be a younger, stronger, more desperate tyrannosaur ready to challenge you.\n\nNo. You cannot let this happen. If your reign must end, then all the world must end with it.\n\n[[On with the burning.|Begin the Prayer]]
For days you hunt as never you have hunted. On a normal day, you might take the old, weak, or sick prey that falls behind the herd. But no. You are preparing. As herds of hadrosaurs and triceratops flee, you push through and take down the biggest, strongest, healthiest of the creatures.\n\nYou do not eat them. You bring them back to the altar you have prepared. \nThe altar is made from tyrannosaur bones. One adult female and her two chicks. Your two chicks.\n\n[[Pray for forgiveness|Pray for Forgiveness]]\n[[Pray for fire|Pray for Fire]]